Could not create virtual server using existing user


I have installed virtualmin on my local machine for test. I have ubuntu installed with a username “xyz” having sudo access. I am trying to create a virtual server with admin user as “xyz”. But I am getting error, “Failed to create virtual server : The specified administration user already exists”. If I will keep admin user automatic, I will work fine and it creates new user. But I don’t want to create a new user. I want to use my existing user, so that I can edit files directly using the file manager of ubuntu. By creating new user, my existing user will not have sufficient rights to edit files, that’s why I want to create virtual server using existing user.
Please help me how should I proceed?

Hello and welcome to the Webmin / Virtualmin community. Let’s see if I have understood what it is that you are attempting to do. You have created a user xyz. Webmin / Virtualmin is an admin tool, so it sees the user you have created. When you tell Virtualmin to create a virtual server with the same name as an existing user, it is naturally unable to do so.

There are several ways to work around the situation where a user already exists for the virtual server that you are attempting to create. One way to get the result you want is via Webmin | Webmin | Webmin Users (select xyz and choose to ignore warning), and see the Permissions for all modules section for options available to accomplish what you want.

Thanks @calport for replying
On your suggestion I have used webmin users option, there I was not able to see “xyz” user. So I used “convert unix to webmin user” option to import this user in webmin.
Now I can see user “xyz” in that page. But when i tried to create a virtual server using this user, I am still getting same error, “Failed to create virtual server : The specified administration user already exists”
Am I doing something wrong?

This is not a great idea. Virtualmin is intended for use on servers, rather than your local desktop (though I understand folks often want the same environment locally for dev)…so it never really comes up that someone would want to use the Gnome file manager.

There is a file manager in Virtualmin, and you should be able use sudo or the GUI equivalent to get access to files in the other user’s home, if you wan to modify those files.

Virtualmin used to let you assign a domain’s ownership to an existing user but it was too prone to problems…it just led to too many problems. There might be an option to bring it back, but I don’t recommend it. This just isn’t gonna be a comfortable workflow.

Just let Virtualmin create a new user for each domain, and figure out how to access it.

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@Joe I understand your opinion on this.
My concern is that I want to create virtualmin server in existing sudo user in my system. Is it possible to do so in virtualmin?
I am also using vestacp, this kind of functionality is there in vestacp but I am not sure if this is possible in virtualmin or not.

Add your sudo user to the same Unix group as the group for the virtualmin server account. You are definitely best keeping the site user and group as isolated from system administration account as you can. Allowing a virtualmin user to sudo is going to leave you open to potential security problems.

You can login to Webmin with any sudo user with ALL capabilities in the sudoers file, and they will have management capabilities for all Virtualmin domains. Any administrative user (user who can use sudo to do anything) on the system is a root user to Webmin (unless you turn this off).

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