Corrupted Virtual Servers

Somehow my virtualservers became corrupted and instead of showing a dropdown menu of the different servers its just a text field with the first server listed there. Im not entirely sure what to do I set up all the servers from cpmoves not sure if one of them caused it… if anyones seen this before please let me know what you did to fix it.

Also what is the proper way to run 2 nameservers on a virtualmin/webmin install?

Sounds like you may need to bump up the “Maximum number of domains to display” setting in System Settings -> Module Config -> User Interface Settings. The default is 100, you may have recently gone over that.


tvaughn. RE: 2 nameservers - you want register accounts to have a ns1 AND ns2 ?
In your BIND settings, simply add in the second NS entry you want.
I did that and newly created entries now have 2 NS showing…

It is a bit weird that Virtualmin seems to default to only 1 NameServer though.

i found that if you go to Webmin > Servers > Bind > Zone Defaults > and change default nameservers for master domains to your primary nameserver and add to template records a nameserver record with the name @ and the second nameserver it fixes that nicely

By weird I mean out of the box it’s just 1 nameserver.

yeah i know just saying how i did it incase you didnt know :slight_smile:

Ah right right.