Correct Virtualmin installation on not "minimal" Centos

Me and my friend have vps for 2 our sites, we want to move from whm/cpanel so we will order new vps without cpanel. VPS will be on Virtuozzo, but the problem is that we don’t know what OS version and in what configuration we will get. Also we don’t know if support offers different configs/os versions. We only sure that it will be Centos, but 5 or 6, 32 or 64 bits, and what software will be installed we don’t know. For instance we will get Centos 5/6 that already have apache and/or mysql and/or other software installed (ie not centos “minimal”). The question is should we uninstall all that software before installing virtualmin? We want that virtualmin script install all the necessary versions of the software that it’s need, to get most correct intallation. What it the right way to do it? Thanks.


Although there can sometimes be customizations that cause problems, in most cases simply having some additional packages installed won’t cause any trouble.

I’d try running the script once your OS is up and running, and see if the installer completes successfully.

Usually, that’ll work with no problems!


Thanks. No other opinions? Still thinking about trying to uninstall at least Apache and MySql (if they will be installed) before running And even manual says that “standard OS Apache package will not work with applications in home directories”. But if no other opinions, then first I’ll try


Yeah, you don’t want to do any customization or configuration prior to running the Fir example, you don’t want to tweak your Apache config or add websites.

But it’s very common to have a VPS OS image that comes with Apache and MySQL preinstalled, and in most cases, the will run quite smoothly.

I’d give it a shot – and if you run into any problems, let us know what errors you see and we can work from there :slight_smile:


Finaly I got Centos 5 32bit and Virtualmin installed without any problems, just like you said. There is still some minor problems, that is not matters now, becouse I still got one serious trouble. On the site I have a forum, I have unpacked backup and tried to open it in the browser but got white screen, I was sure it was becouse of wrong permissions so I checked it and restarted apache and after that site opened without problems. But later in the logs I saw that that white screen was becouse of Apache Segmentation fault:

[notice] child pid XXXXX exit signal Segmentation fault (11)

After that 5 days Apache works ok, but yesterday I got white screen on the main page again, but other parts of the site works ok. In the apache logs was ‘Segmentation fault (11)’ again after restart it work ok again, until today. My config is Centos 5 32bit, php works as apache module, I disabled unnecessary modules in Apache and in php, so Apache crashes with and without that unnecessary modules. Tell me please how can I fix it or at least detect what causes Apache to crash, I think it’s some php module, but since this is default apache/php installation for Centos 5 I have no idea what and how it can be. Thanks a lot in advance.


Well, it’s not trivial to determine why exactly it’s crashing… having Apache crash isn’t normal by any means.

One thing you could try is a different PHP Execution Mode. You can change that in System Settings -> Website Options.

If that doesn’t help – are you by chance using a VPS? If you’re running out of resources, that could cause unusual issues.


No, it’s not resoources. I hope it’s php version (5.1 for Centos 5), I upgraded to 5.2, will see.

Btw, I noticed that log file rotation is not enabled for mysqld.log, is this ok? Can you help with correct options for it, and for mysqld slow queries log, that I enabled too? Thanks.

Segmentation fault is usually a memory issue.
You have too little ram for your sites in the VPS (or too many visitors) or the host is hosting more VPS’s then it can handle (not uncommon)