Copying Emails from Old Server to New Server


I spoke a while ago about a fallen system and was grateful for all the help I was offered.

I am now in the process of moving to a PROPER server (as opposed to a big ass desktop that was in use, hence the hdd fail)

I have now successfully got the new server up and running and its now receiving email etc on it.

However my backups are done at 0001, so I have 11 hours worth of email on the old system that I need to move across.

  1. Does a backup delete anything that is currently in place? I.e if I did another backup of the old system, would it overwrite the emails I have received today?

  2. It was mentioned before that I can just copy and paste the files, can you confirm the best way to do this?As I have tried both scp and rsync and although I didnt receive any errors, I also havent had the emails appear in the new inbox.

Many thanks for all your help.

I very rarely say this on this forum, but I think now is the time again. :wink:

Sometimes it does help to read through the topics of the previous 1-2 days, or use the search function; your exact question has been asked (and answered) just a day ago. :wink:


When restoring a backup, it does not delete files by default (it only overwrites files that already exist).

To delete files, you’d need to set the “Delete and re-create virtual servers” option in the “Other restore options” section.

Otherwise, it simply un-tars the archive into your home directory.

After copying emails, if you’re certain they’re in the correct directory, then you may want to try removing the Dovecot index files… those are in $HOME/Maildir/dovecot* .



I had started typing this question, then phrased the “does backup delete new emails” realised that was my search term and found my answer.

I then proceeded to have ANOTHER issue, which I couldn’t find an answer for, wrote a thread, closed the wrong one down and posted this one in its place.

Apologies again, its been one of them days!

Yrs ashamedly