copy account via virtualmin

Hi all,

I have a linux base server with centos and webmin we this server is working as mail server exim + dovecot we have build new server with virtualmin we would like to import all accounts from old servers to new in old server all email accounts acts as single user like


all email accounts have Maildir Format

Please guide how can i import all data via virtualmin is any module for it.


Tahir Atique

Hmm… I unfortunately don’t know of an easy way to do this :slight_smile:

You’ll probably need to go into Virtualmin, create a Virtual Server, create the user(s) for that Virtual Server, and then copy their email over.

Once you figure out the steps for one Virtual Server, you can script the remainder using the Virtualmin command line tools.

For more information on the command line tools, you can run “virtualmin” from the command line to see a list of options.


can you help me how it done from linux server with only webmin and all account email accounts acts as Unix accounts how i can copy to the server with all data linux server with Virtualmin with virtual server


Tahir Atique

You would need to first create the accounts on the Virtualmin server.

Once you’ve created all the accounts, you would then just copy all the user’s data from the existing server, to their home directories on the new server.

By default in Virtualmin, email exists in the “Maildir” directory within the users home directory – something like $HOME/Maildir.

So you’d want to take their existing email, and copy it to the Maildir directory on the new server.