converted from cPanel

I converted my server from cPanel to Virtualmin…and Virtualmin just plain rocks!
One problem I am running into is the older cPanel sites running older versions of WordPress, Gallery, or Drupal are very outdated now.
I’d like to be able to upgrade them through Virtualmin, but obviously it won’t do it because it didn’t install them.
So, my questions are:

  1. Is there a way to get Virtualmin to see these old, out of date, installs and upgrade them?
  2. If not, is there anyone looking for some work that could upgrade them into new, Virtualmin installs, so I would be able to keep them updated? If so, what can I expect to pay for that type of service?


Hey there,

Alas, I just saw Joe mentioning that they didn’t have a way to pull Wordpress and similar apps under Virtualmin control. His exact words were:

This one is tricky. It brings them over, and they should continue to work with little or no modification, but it doesn't bring them under control of the Virtualmin Install Scripts interface (which is bug-like, but hard to avoid, since it's impossible for us to know exactly how it was installed and whether we can safely pretend like it was installed "our way").

If I were in your shoes and trying to do that? I’d try installing Wordpress using the Install Scripts (the same version you already have installed!) – and then import a database dump of your current database into the new one that Virtualmin just created.

That may get trickier the more complex the app is, and you may need to tweak some database settings, but I’m not sure how else I’d go about that.

I’d suggest trying it and seeing how it goes – testing it in a dev area that won’t effect your production data.

Of course, you have my email address, so email me if you need a hand :wink:

To add to Eric’s excellent commentary, we have quite a lot of documentation about DNS:,dns_slave_auto-configuration_quickstart/,dns_troubleshooting/

Oops. My Tourettes strikes again. Ignore my random DNS outburst.

LOL Joe – brain fart there? :smiley:

Hey Team,

So, for Joomla, where there are sometimes these kits of highly customized versions of Joomla, with database contents and code, what are we guessing would be the optimal way to try to gain the customizations, but still manage the updates under Install Scripts?

-Install the same version of Joomla with Install Scripts.
-Overwrite the files with the customized Joomla code
-Delete the database that was created, call it X.
-Install the customized database using as X and point the new code to that database.

Now, IS should still think that it can control some list of files, and a database which all have the same names now, so maybe everything is OK? Theoretically, any new version would only have replacements for the Joomla core files, so it should work.

I hope to have this tried this week, but hope for some input, maybe encouragement…


that should work. unless of course you have customised core files, then your custom code is overwritten with every update