Convert Shared Address to Dedicated

Here is my scenario: 1 server, 2 virtual servers with static dedicated IP’s (eth0, eth0:0). For the first virtual server IP address is set to Shared, and for the second one IP address is set to Dedicated.

In [Server Configuration] -> Change IP Address for the second server there is a button called [Convert Dedicated Address to Shared]. Once it is pushed IP address will become shared.

How this action of converting can be reverted in case it is used by mistake? For example if there are more than one virtual servers using this shared IP reverting to dedicated one some changes have to be done. But if that shared IP address is set to one virtual machine, it should be reverted to dedicated.


If you’ve added the IP address to the system already, you should be able to assign it to a Virtual Server by visiting:

Server Configuration > Change IP Address

Please read again the issue reported. It is about a feature in Virtuamin, reverting a shared address to dedicated.


Are you saying you want to convert say “” from a “shared” to a “dedicated” type?

As I mentioned before, Virtualmin has a feature to convert a dedicated address to a shared. There is a button to push. Once you push the button it will disappear. I am looking forward finding a solution to revert this action and getting back again the button. I am not a newbie in Virtualmin, I am trying to help people who did this before.

Let’s not questioning too much and find solutions.