Control Panel Layout

Hi everyone. I’m a fairly new virtualmin user and I have a question that I could not find the answer for even after googling it.

Is there a way to simplify or create a different layout panel for the control panel?

I’ve used cPanel X and I have to say it has a very clean and intuative interface that I would love to have for my virtual min. Not sure if that’s even possible but thought I’d ask.



Welcome to Virtualmin!

Which theme is it that you’re using now, do you happen to know?

When you log into Virtualmin, do you see an area in Webmin -> Webmin -> Change Language and Theme, labeled "Webmin UI theme"? If so, what is it set to?


Note that Virtualmin has a handful of menu functions of its own, so it takes a little bit of extra effort on top of a Webmin theme to make it a Virtualmin theme. As far as I know, the only complete example of a Virtualmin theme is the Virtualmin Framed Theme.

We are working on overhauling the UI and current theme…so things will get better on that front. We’re not shooting for cPanel style design or layout, because our usability testing found that only people who were already familiar with it found it easy to use. :wink:

i used cpanel for over a year and still didn’t find it easy to use… I liked the shiny icons though