Contacts Page

I can find no “Contacts Page” or equivalent on the new site. This means that anyone who has a need to ask confidential questions or discuss topics such as business issues that do not belong in a public forum has no way of contacting you.

A page containing appropriate email addresses is needed.

Agreed. It’s in the database somewhere, but I haven’t linked it from the front page yet. I’ll fix that tomorrow.

In the meantime: (pretty much any other obvious email address will also reach me:,, etc.)

We are a three person company, and I handle everything that isn’t development and support.

Now the page is up on the site you just need a link in the appropriate spot. The conventional and IMHO most useful place would be as a tab on your main navigation bar at the top of every page.

There’s a link on the bottom of every page. Look…right down there, just above the copyright information. :wink: