Considering Virtualmin over Ajenti & Vespa - Any disadvantages? Speed? Memory Use?

Hello All,

I am new here, and I am considering Webmin/Virtualmin for my VPS. I have previously managed VPS with Ajenti & VespaCP. I don’t hate Ajenti or Vespa, but I didn’t love them ether. So now, with my new VPS setup I am looking for something better, so I have come to check out the big guys :slight_smile:

The VPS is decent I think for the 2-3 sites it will be hosting. It has 75gb SSD storage in a RAID 10 with 1gb of ram and 256m swap. I plan to use Ubuntu 14 with PHP 5.6. I will be running 2-3 PHP ecommerce sites based on Prestashop. My main concerns are speed, compatibility, and support. So I wanted to reach out to the community and ask your opinions and suggestions. I liked how Vespa used both nginx and Apache for the speed benefits and I was concerned if Virtualmin would be slower for my use. Hopefully not, but I hoped some of you experienced with it could let me know. I love that I have read that Webmin/Virtualmin do not use custom configs for things like Apache or PHP as it was a headache for me with Ajenti.

Anyway just reaching out to the community for your thoughts on this. Any suggestions and opinions from you guys would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance!