Considering upgrade from GPL to Pro

I’ve been using Virtualmin GPL for quite a while, and I’m considering upgrading to Pro, but am unclear on the licensing issues. The lowest tier says that it includes 10 “domain accounts”. What exactly is a domain account?

I currently have four admin accounts for “top-level servers”, but several admins have created additional top-level and sub-domains from within their account.

Does the 10 domain account license just count the four admin accounts, each top-level domain created by the admins, or each top level and sub-domain account?


Thanks for your interest in Virtualmin Pro!

The licensing is essentially for “websites”. If you get a Virtualmin 10, it can manage up to 10 Virtual Servers and Sub-Servers (and you can have as many alias servers as you like).

It doesn’t matter how many admins there are, the key is the number of Virtual Servers and Sub-Servers.

Feel free to let us know if you have any other questions.