Connection refused: AH00957: FCGI: attempt to connect

I didn’t change anything on my site and it went down. static files work, but php does not.
that was the support message from my server (it didn’t help at all) and I read the link and I couldn’t solve it, I’m a layman:

The error with your site is:
[proxy:error] [pid 25831] (111)Connection refused: AH00957: FCGI: attempt to connect to
[] (*) failed
[Wed Jul 01 08:57:10.565406 2020] [proxy_fcgi:error] [pid 25831] [client
ip] AH01079: failed to make connection to backend: localhost

Here is a guide on solving it:

I will never again hire this type of server, which is cheaper, but has no support at all. and virtualmim is another problem that, without changing anything, brings down the sites. I’ve never had this problem with whm / cpanel, which is why it’s more expensive, but it’s worth it.

now i will have to change my server site, because i have no idea how to solve this problem. does anyone know or has been there?
note: I don’t know anything about servers, I’m just a web designer.

See if localhost resolves from a CLI? And to what? i.e. IPv4 or IPv6.

That’s where your problem could be.

Hi, thanks. Where I view and edit this info? In VirtualMin or Webmin tab? Thank you

CLI - that’s a command line interface. Do you or can you connect to the server via SSH or something similar? Or does the provider (assuming it is a VPS) give you a console via their system?

Sorry i don’t understand it. There is no way to solve by the webmin/virtualmin panel?
because I didn’t change anything on the site and on the server.
and it just failed, without me changing anything.
is not some server configuration by webmin?
Thank you

@carlosrms - I’ve not used it inside Webmin\Virtualmin but there looks like there is one.

Webmin >> Others >> Command Shell.

I appreciate you may not have changed anything but sometimes there are (to my mind) setup or config things which are not correct\best, but do not have any consequences at that time. An update, upgrade or even a reboot can cause issues to start.

Might not apply to your issue\case - but if your error is saying something can’t connect to localhost, I think it would be an idea to see if localhost is resolvable.



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Hi @carlosrms - out of curiosity, what was the root cause & fix in your case?

That and any person searching the forums in the future could benefit.



I don’t know, but the server answered that and the site finally came back. But I will change the server and switch to whm/cpanel. It is more expensive, but much more stable, it never gave me problems in 10 years. As the license price became much more expensive, I was just testing Virtualmim, but I thought it was terrible, unfortunately.

In regards to the issue in question, it seems that you have enabled in your default server template to use a specific PHP FPM version, 7.2 to be more specific. In the services however this FPM version was not started nor set to automatically start on boot.

We have started your customer PHP FPM and the website in question started loading.

So far I haven’t figured out where those menus are. It’s a mystery to me.

That never happened: without changing anything, the site is down. I also have no idea why this problem happened, but my site was down for about 3 days, that is, Virtualmin is totally unreliable. I had to go back to the city from my office just to try to solve this, and it caused me a lot of trouble.

Sorry you’ve had a bad experience @carlosrms

I’ve run Virtualmin for a few years now and can’t say I’ve had any serious issues - but I have a tech background.

Perhaps what you need to look for is a managed service type arrangement rather than a self manage one - leaves you do what you prefer etc and leaves the headaches to someone else.



1st one - Virtualmin >> System Settings >> Server Templates >> Default Settings & PHP Options.
2nd one - Webmin >> System >> Bootup & Shutdown.


Thank you. Have a server to indicate, for me to compare prices or that is of quality with Virtualmin?

And thanks for showing me the ways. If that happens again, now I know where I have to edit.

I just don’t understand why it happened yet. Is the default installation of webmin checked to not start some services at startup? Because I had 2 sites on that same server with Webmin, one of them stopped running php and the other remained normal.

It’s possible that Virtualmin installed and started php-fpm - but that service wasn’t set to start at boot. Then if you server restarted for some reason - your sites went down.

The standard install - I suspect won’t start everything at boot, when installed.

It’s possible you installed with a certain version of php and php-fpm set to start at boot. Then a later version of php got installed and the newer Virtual Server got set to use that, it’s php-fpm server started but wasn’t set to start at boot.

A subsequent server restart and one site works (probably on an older version of PHP) and the other doesn’t (on a later version of PHP).

It’s a hypothesis.



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