Connecting to send emails

I’m struggling to get my email client to send emails. I can login to webmail and send email no problem. I can receive emails no problem, even with my client. It only has issues when I try and send an email.

What else do I look for?
First warning I got was that it had a self signed certificate and I realized I needed to copy the LE cert over to email. Did that
Now it just times out after it supposedly connects not sure what is going on.

Thanks In Advance,


What mail client and settings are you using?

Also, can you ping the mail server from the IP you’re attempting to connect from?


Thanks for replying, I did a fresh install of everything and only copied the main server certs to my services not sure if that was the issue or not but it started working.

Are you using a program to connect like Thunderbird? Your ISP could be blocking port 25.

I contacted them upon first initialization of the server to make sure this was not the case.

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