Connect two virtualmin boxes with crossover cable

Hello all,

I’m trying to connect two virtualmin boxes using a crossover cable. Both boxes have dual Ethernet interfaces, and in both eth0 is configured correctly , I can access them remotely, no problems. Now I want to set them up so they can access each other without going through the datacenter routers/switches that generate bandwidth costs for me.

I have a crossover cable already in place, and I tried to configure the network on both boxes using the webmin Network Configuration option. I’ve set up their eth1 to use an IP like and When I configured the Routing, I used the IP from the other machine as the gateway. Like this:

box1: eth1

box2: eth1

To my surprise, when I applied this configuration I lost the connection to both boxes. The gateway for the eth0s seemed to have changed as well. I had to have the datacenter support to undo my changes locally so I could get back online.

So, my question is, how do I correctly configure the network / routing so my eth1 cards can talk to each other through a crossover cable, without interfering with the eth0 configuration? Should I use the eth1 gateway the same as the eth0?

Thanks a lot

  • Rogerio

why would you want to connect over a crossover cable anyways?
what can’t Samba do that crossover can?

Hi Ronald, one of the boxes will be a backup for the other one, I will use MySQL Replication,rsync and Virtualmin Backup with automatic restore to keep everything updated on the backup box. This will generate a lot of traffic between the boxes. If I use the same Ethernet card I normally use for the services I provide, this traffic will show on the datacenter transfer logs, I will be charged for it, and I could reach my bandwidth cap, slowing the service for all the users (that’s the main reason actually).

So that was the way I thought to avoid the traffic between the being computed… would you suggest another way?

Thank you