Connect to domain [IP Address]:25: Connection timed out

Just to add. If you have users forwarding their accounts to gmail, hotmail etc. spam will also be forwarded (unless filtered first) and eventually your server will be on their spam list. It can be unblocked of course but there is a process and time wasted.

very good point, noted.
I do have spam filtering , but it’s something I’ll look at too.


Have a look at your SPF, DMARC,DKIM etc. for each domain, make sure it’s enabled and setup correctly. There are other options also that will make it more strict but I would start with the basics and learn as you progress. Making too many changes at once without understanding the underlying impact - can be hard to troubleshoot later. It’s great to have your own server but with that comes a fair share of responsibility. Always backup off the server.

yea, SPF, DMARK and DKIM all good at my end. have been concentrating on this over the last year.

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