Connect Mailwizz to SMTP Server on VPS

Here are the SMTP details I am using.
Hostname: <domain added, say example DOT com>

However, the SMTP server hostname in my Virtualmin shows like this:

When I am using this hostname, I could not connect to the server.

When I using the added domain like example DOT com or the dedicated IP, this is what I am getting:

ERROR: 454: 4.7.0 Temporary authentication failure: generic failure

Please help.

The SMTP settings are displayed at Virtualmin -> Edit Users and then click the button captioned “Show Email Client Settings”

Since it is Mailwhizz which is probably generating the error, Google is your friend. See

Yes, I checked the SMTP mail server from that tab and it showed (my domain).

I used the SMTP hostname, email address and password (for that email). It could not connect.

I used the dedicated IP, email address and password, it connected until it ended up with that temporary failure notification.

What do I need to do?

Forgive me. I am a layman and I could not understand a bit of the link you gave.

This does not seem right… have you created a virtual server for the domain for some reason?

Yes, I have created a virtual server for that sub-domain that I attached in the server. Can I please contact you via Skype or Facebook?

If you create a virtual server something.tld then Virtualmin uses mail.something.tld

Thereafter if you create a virtual server mail.something.tld, it causes confusion.

Sure, you can reach m via skype, @schttrj

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