Confusing dns issue with a client account imported from cpanel

I recently imported a client account from cpanel. We also moved their domain to a new registrar.

I now host their website and email on my shared hosting system

Now I am striking a problem that I cannot make sense of…

First…some housekeeping… is my webhosting/mail server is the client virtual server name and domain.

So, heres the problem…(well 2 problems actually)

  1. If I set the client mx record to their email fails

However if I set client mx record to emails start working.

I have another client on the same system (not imported via cpanel) which uses mx record and their emails are working.

I don’t understand how this can be? Is this something the cpanel import has done to the virtual server itself?

Both client accounts have A records pointing at the same IP address and their websites are functioning perfectly. It’s just the mail that is not right.

  1. Also, is using ssl cert (which is also the first virtual server on it …ie my hosting business website). When I view ssl certs from postfix, I notice it’s displaying as (and not

When i check virtualmin>Server Configuration for my own business virtual server the certificate is for,,,

However, underneath that is says,

This SSL certificate is already being used by : Webmin (, Usermin (host, Usermin, Dovecot (host, Postfix

I am confused by that…why is it saying “host” and but not It seems like webmin and postfix are not using the right certificate…ie one for

Is this a problem? (My shared hosting clients mail apps are throwing ssl cert errors for this certificate and I think it’s because it’s instead of

I also noticed, (on my virtualmin system where this client domain was imported too), if i do a dig mx , it shows their old mail service however if I run the same checks through it’s different…shows new registrar as SOA and new mxrecord ( as outlined in previous post). What could be causing this?

dns caches and ttl times could be.

What about the other client domain imported from cpanel.
Any ideas on why mxrecord doesn’t work? (where is my hosting server primary domain)