im having a little thing which is annoying, i have recently setup a second server tested and backed up all config and vhost’s and moved them to the second one,
the main thing is the theme seems to be different, one looks more like the webmin one while the other is more like virtualmin, how can i make it use the virtual min one aswel?

check if it is set on virtualmin framed theme under webmin-webmin-webmin configuration-webmin themes.
if not you need to install it, download via

its set Virtualmin Framed Theme under root, but under normal users i cant see that

and now after doing the webmin update that virtualmin said to install its done the same to my good one… how can i fix this guys

and whats even weirder, some domains have the right theme and some dont… even a newly created one has the wrong one :S
if i go into webmin users, its set to the “Old Webmin Theme” in there but if i change it to webmin config them it gets the right one… so whats breaking virtualmins one?