Confused Over Virtualmin Auto-generated SPF Record

I recently received a spam notice from Verizon for email sent from my small e-commerce site. The notice contains a request that I can complete to be added to the Verizon white list. This form asks about SPF records. This caused me to review mine.

I guess that I am confused in the sense that it looks like the mail server referenced in the SPF record is the one associated with the domain, but the sender that Verizon is objecting to is the postfix server associated with my Virtualmin host.

I’ve tried googling SPF records but most of the articles that I found seemed to be written in ultra-geekese as opposed to English.

Can anyone offer any tips on updating the SPF record for my domain to help me meet Verizon’s white list requirements?


Well, if your hostname is “host.domain.tld” – it wouldn’t hurt to have a Virtual Server setup for domain.tld, and have SPF setup for that domain.

That way, you’d have an SPF record both for you customer’s domain, as well as for your server’s domain.