Confused - Cloudmin docs support LXC but can't find installer.


I am trying to setup a test system to explore VPS type technologies. We run Ubuntu servers mainly but a number of devs have Ubuntu machines with with a number of Virtualbox VM servers (non graphical) and VM desktops running on them. The idea is to use one physical server for devs to host their VM’s (Ubuntu 12.04 server) running LXC and manage their VM’s as VPS’s. I thought that I could use Cloudmin to manage the VPS’s on the LXC Host server.

After much seraching of the interweb etc. and despite the docs saying that LXC is supported I cannot find an installer for Cloudmin. The only ones I can find are for Xen and KVM.

The host machine is a clean Ubuntu 12.04 server and has Webmin and Virtualmin on it currently.

Can you advise please.



You may want to take a look at these docs here:

That explains that Cloudmin GPL supports Xen or KVM.

If you’d like LXC support, you’d need to use Cloudmin Pro.


Thanks for helping to clear up my understanding.