Confused about webmin and or Virtualmin


Can I install VirtualMin over webmin? Or is it better not to install webmin at all?

I can’t get the interface to switch over to the Virtualmin theme. I even tried to download the theme manually and switch it over. Logged out and back in still no luck, still looks like webmin with no sign of Virtualmin.

Any Ideas?



THe best thing that’s worked for me is to setup a clean box with centos or the like, and then run the script and webmin and virtualmin work perfectly in unison together.

On the server you’re trying to install Virtualmin does it have all of the software apps expected by Virtualmin GPL to install properly? If you already have a working LAMP server and have all of the apps needed by Virtualmin installed you can still go about installing it through Webmin. This is how I did it on a Debian Etch box. Then you’ll find Virtualmin under the Servers menu of Webmin.