Confused about Users

We are running Virtualmin Pro.
We have been asked by a customer to add a database to their site and add a new user who should have access just to that new database but not to the other databases on the site.

We have never been asked for a second user before, so this is all news to us! So I created the new database and created the new user. I went to ‘Other User Permissions’ when setting up the new user and granted them access to the new database and then created the user.

I then logged out and tried to log in again as the new user but I couldn’t log in at all. I tried logging in as the main user for this VS and logged in fine. Email is not running on this server at all - that is handled elsewhere - but it seems as if any ‘extra’ users can only be added as email users and not administrative (database administrative) users. Is this right?

Sorry if the questions seem a bit naïve!


By following the steps you described above, that user would have access to the database – but not to Webmin. They would essentially just be a database user.

If you had phpMyAdmin installed, that user should be able to login via phpMyAdmin.

Only a Virtual Server admin, or a user added as an “Extra Admin”, would be able to log into Virtualmin and manage databases there though.

Does that answer your question and explain the issue you’re seeing?


Hi Eric,

Thanks for this. It helps but:

  1. I set up the new user as testuser on and Virtualmin seemed to then convert that into Should I be able to log in to Virtualmin as (because I can’t - is that perhaps because email is not enabled on the server?)
  2. Is there a better way to create a new user that does give them access to Webmin?
  3. If I install phpMyAdmin, how do I/we log into it as opposed to Virtualmin?
  4. The customer wants the new user to have ‘diminished’ rights - ie. not to have full Admin rights to - they haven’t made it clear whether or not the new user needs more than just database rights - so I’m assuming that they just need database rights for the moment.

Sorry for so many questions!



Unless the user is an admin, they won’t be able to log into Virtualmin.

Email users, databases users, and so forth – they aren’t admins, and therefore won’t be able to log into Virtualmin.

They can only log into other services on the system, such as email or database-specific services.

If you install phpMyAdmin (available in the Install Scripts area in Virtualmin), that’s a web app designed for managing databases.

Just direct your user to the URL phpMyAdmin is installed at, and they’ll be able to login there.

Within phpMyAdmin, they’ll be restricted to their one database that you gave them access to.


That’s much clearer - thank you very much.