Confused about initial setup of Virtualmins in Cloudmin !


I’m just checking this page to add in my Cloudmin system my existing Virtualmins servers but I have few questions:

-> Better to use SSH or RPC connection or both ?
-> Is there something specific to setup in existing Virtualmins to accept connection from Cloudmin ? as till now I had no success with RPC mode (unless I opened 10000 to 10010 ports if firewall !)
-> What means the option “Create Virtualmin domains ?”




First, I wanted to mention that you can install Cloudmin on an existing Virtualmin server. You don’t need a new server for it.

As far as how to connect – I might suggest both SSH and RPC, though you are correct that doing so requires opening ports 10000 - 10010 on the remote systems. You don’t need to completely open those to the world, you could just open them when being accessed from the Cloudmin server.

RPC allows Cloudmin to communicate with Webmin on the remote servers. And SSH allows Cloudmin to run commands, which gives you the ability to perform package updates, or run a given command on all your Virtualmin servers.

Also, I wanted to mention that I just added two free years to your Cloudmin license. Thanks for using Virtualmin!


Hey Eric,

Thanks a lot for your detailed answer that clears a lot of things.

I’m now concerned by security !

For SSH I can use ssh keys and open it only to specific ip of my Cloudmin server but what about RPC ?? I have activated second step login for the root account but it prevents Cloudmin to login with RPC ! If I remove second step only password doesn’t look enough secure for my eyes. Am I wrong ?

What is the option “Create Domains” when you add a new physical host ?

Thanks a lot for the two extra years of Cloudmin :wink:



You could always create a new system user on your remote Virtualmin servers – and then add that user to the “/etc/sudoers” file.

That will make that user a Master Admin, meaning they can perform functions in Virtualmin as the root user.

And then you could have Cloudmin log in as this user, rather than root.

Since it’s an unknown and random username, that should be more secure than using root.

However, you could also go into Webmin’s user manager, and configure that new user so that it can only log in from your Cloudmin server’s IP address.


Thanks Eric for suggestion of second user and in fact I found a very secure way to do it :wink: My servers have also RPN system so I can use the private LAN for RPC and SSH between cloudmin and my virtualmin instances in all security !

Still no answer for my question about the option “Create Domains” when you add physical system in Cloudmin :wink: