Confugure Read User Mail for dbox format


I have a dovecot configured using dbox format: MailboxFormat/dbox - Dovecot Wiki
I can not understand how to configure module Read User Mail with this mailbox format.
Tried various combinations in Webmin > Servers > Read User Mail > Module Config > Configuration category: System configuration and still can not see the list with emails when i click on email address.

It shows this user has no messages in [ ]
I was able to configure it showing the mailboxes in dropdown INBOX, Sent, Trash etc. But when i switch through the mailboxes no messages appear.
I can see the email files in /home/domain/homes/user/mailboxes/INBOX/dbox-Mails/ but i think the webmin module is not aware about dbox-Mails sub-directory under INBOX, Sent, Trash.

Is it possible at all to get Read User Mail working with dovecot sdbox format ?

This would be a nice feature to have.

If memory serves, there was a discussion about this in the forum and the people involved had managed to find a way forward but with some limitations. You will need to search the forum and find that message but as things stand, Virtualmin / Usermin does not support dbox and variant formats.

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