Confirmation mails aren't sent

Hi all, I’m using the gpl version of webmin, version 2.50, the one that comes with debian sarge.

Pretty much everything is working how I want it, the machines main use is webhosting, mail and dns are taken care of on other machines. Now, everytime I create a virtual server with webmin I get the following error:

"Sending email notification to domain owner …
… failed to send email : email is not setup in Virtualmin"

But I can’t find the problem that is causing it. The machine is perfectly able to send mail but it seems there is a more or less obscure setting concerning some part of the mail system that is blocking mail confirmations being send out after creating a virtual server.

It might very well be related to the myriad of functions that I’ve disabled because (incoming) mail isn’t supposed to be handled on the machine where virtualmin is on. I’ve been going over as many options as I found that relate to mail but I’ve yet to find the one that is causing this problem.

Any help would be apreciated.

Nobody has any idea what to look for to fix this?

I am having the same problem with virtualmin 2.611.

I use qmail, and site mail works fine.

Where do I find logs for virtualmin. I don’t see any errors when new virtual host is created.