configuring tomcat on centos 5.6 with apache/virtualmin


If you can point me to a guide or how to, on installing and configuring Mod_JK for Tomcat<-> Apache , in a webmin/virtualmin system, then kindly point me to that guide. (And in that case dont read the rest of this post…)

I am trying to follow instructions given at a site for setting up Tomcat<->Apache using Mod_JK.

In the instructions, I have to do this-- “Create Apache virtual hosts for and and tie them to the 2 Tomcat instances via mod_jk.” For this some text is entered into httpd.conf

I have not yet set up anything in Virtualmin/Webmin.

What I want to ask is, can I directly follow the instructions given for Tomcat<->Apache integration? OR do I have to use Virtualmin/webmin to define new domains into that machine, and once apache virtual hosts are created, then go into httpd.conf and enter correct data?

Or is some other approach required? If I enter the required information directly into httpd.conf, will that affect Virtualmin/Webmin in a negative way?