Configuring Additional Nameserver with Extra IP

When I first got started with hosting and Virtualmin, the VPS I purchased only came with a single IP. So in the address records for my host domain, I just put the same IP in and

Now that I know a bit more, I would like to add an extra IP so I don’t keeping getting the “warning single point of failure” notice when I check with I’ve learned how to add IPs to my VPS account, and where to add them so that they are shared, or used privately by websites with SSL.

is the process for adding NS redundancy, lease the extra IP, keep it as a private IP; I.e., non-shared, and simply update to reflect the new IP? Or do I have to associate it somehow?

You don’t want to keep it private since the registrar will have to be able to see it. Just edit the config for and add the new IP, as you suggested.


Thanks for your help. I’ll try the change now.

What I failed to mention is that you’re defeating the intentions of the requirement for multiple dns servers, that is, a backup in the even one is down. Of course if all you are serving is, it’s a moot point.