Configuration of Virtualmin on a 16GB server


i have installed Virtualmin on a 4 Core, 16GB RAM Centos server.

Everything runs fine
Virtualmin shows me that 1.79GB of Real memory is used out of 15.61GB total.

Is the Virtualmin default installation enough or should i change some settings to take advantage of the amount of RAM for MySQL or Apache ?

I mean, will Virtualmin, Apache or MySQL adapt themselves to use the remaining RAM if needed or should i do something to optimize MySQL for example to use more RAM and be faster ?



Well, the post-installation wizard should have asked you about which MySQL config to use – going with the large memory version of that would cause it to use more of your RAM.

And using the default FCGID PHP Execution Mode would use more RAM than CGI.

Another thing set in the post-install wizard is that I’d suggest using the “spamc” setting for SpamAssassin, and the “Server scanner” option for ClamAV. You can set those in Email Messages -> Spam and Virus Scanning.

If your applications support it, you might consider enabling memcache, which is a caching system that uses RAM to hold things like MySQL queries.

However, over time, the Linux kernel will begin to cache more and more things – you can see how much it has cached by running “free -m”, and looking at the “cached” column. As the size of that column grows, your system should be more and more responsive :slight_smile:


thanks so much for your answer !

free -m

shows me that the kernel has cached ~13GB so it seems it works fine, thanks