concrete5 support ( new CMS )

Hi crew :slight_smile:

Do you plan to add support for Concrete5 script instalation. I found lots of problems trying to install it on my server ( yeah, newbie ), and all of your scripts work without problem …

so I was thinking … maybe … :slight_smile: … they have just released new version so you might check it out?



I’d like to have Concrete5 in Install Scripts. It did very well in the 2010 roundup by Water and Stone:

The crew there seems very interested in spreading the word, so should be very cooperative, if any resources are needed.


Glad you like it too kenlyle :slight_smile:

I hope crew here will consider it. And as you said it, concrete5 ppl are great support too.


I passed the into along to Jamie, he’ll be reviewing Concrete5.


Hi there… is there any updated support on this?

I’m trying to setup a C5 site on Virtualmin 3.88 CENT OS 5.7 WEBMIN 1.5.70

Here are the initial errors that I’m seeing… if anyone could assist with this it would be much appreciated!!

The package was unzipped under the public_html file/folder and then the chown/chgrp tried with apace:apache but that didn’t make any difference. Multiple wordpress and static sites are on this server with no issues.

Install concrete5
Testing Required Items
PHP 5.1 Available
PHP 5.2 or greater is recommended
for timezone support.
JavaScript Enabled
MySQL Available
Function mysql_connect() not found. Your system does not appear to have MySQL available within PHP.
Support for C5 Request URLs
concrete5 cannot parse the PATH_INFO or ORIG_PATH_INFO information provided by your server.
Image Manipulation Available
concrete5 requires GD library 2.0.1 or greater.
XML Support
concrete5 requires PHP XML Parser and SimpleXML extensions.
Web Server Access to Files and Configuration Directories
The config/, packages/ and files/ directories must be writable by your web server.
Testing Optional Items
Remote File Importing Available
Remote file importing through the file manager requires the iconv PHP extension.
Version Comparison Available
You must chmod 755 concrete/libraries/3rdparty/ and disable PHP safe mode.