Completely removing virtual networking from an instance

Hi, I have a vm on my home server which serves as a firewall running PfSense.
After having experienced quite a few issues with performance, I decided to give up on the virtual network devices for my VM and only use PCI passthrough.
This works great, but there is still a single virtual network device that gets added to the system.
Is there a way to edit the .serv file in such a way that no virtual network devices are added at all?
All I require is two intel pcie cards on my dual nic to have the fw function.

Edit your files directly with the file manager editor. Use FTP to change files. Connect with FTP and download the files. Then edit the file on your computer and re-upload the file on your server by overwriting your existing file.
If that too is not helping then you should contact a service provider like The CompuLab if you want you can also check computer networking West Palm Beach. You can read this for more information. Hope my suggestions will help you here.