Completely Baffled by This Virtualmin Wordpress Contact Form Issue

I have a Virtualmin virtual server client who has a site running wordpress with a contact form.

Their Virtualmin server does not have e-mail enabled because they use GSuite for their e-mail, so there’s no need for inbound email to be handled by the server. However, outbound messages do need to be sent by the server.

When someone fills out the form on the wordpress page, somehow, and this is where I’m completely at a loss, my Gsuite sent items folder shows a message sent, from me to my client, containing the form data.

I can’t make sense of how their wordpress contact form is hijacking my e-mail account (which is also a gsuite) account, to use my account as the origin of the message.

Anyone have any ideas?

Check Wordpress SMTP settings. It might be using your email credentials.

Actually, Postfix is using a fallback relay which uses my gsuite account SMTP settings. What I’m confused about is why the form data submitted using that form on their site is delivering e-mail to them as though it’s coming from me.

It’s like it’s hijacking my account to send email from a form on their website…

Maybe I’m missing something…

Unless their WP installation specifically imposes a different SMTP, it would fallback to the global outbound config of your mail server.