common ftp login for developers

Is it possible for me to create an ftp login for web developers that can be used to login to any of the virtual servers, by adding the developer username to the virtual server’s group and setting all the directories and files in the virtual server public_html directory to group share(umask 002)? I just can’t seem to be able to figure out how to create a login that will allow developers access to clients websites. the server keeps denying access to anything i create outside of the virtualmin interface. I use the following to add a user(victory is fictional, of course)

useradd victory -p victory -m -d /home/victory -s /bin/false

when I try to login:
530 Login incorrect.

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Well, what you’re asking in theory should work. Are you seeing any unusual errors in the logs as you’re trying to log in?

Also, is /bin/false added as a shell in /etc/shells?