Combining Virtualmin Pro 10 license + Virtualmin GPL + Cloudmin

I’m looking at purchasing Virtualmin Pro with 10 domain license for now since this is what we can afford at this point in time.

We will be offering email hosting and I would like to know if it would be possible to launch an other server (secondary) with Virtualmin GPL to get additional domains for email hosting accounts. Then purchase Cloudmin to have the additional accounts created on the secondary server?

P.s I do intent to purchase the “Virtualmin Unlimited Lifetime License” but that’s after we have scaled and revenue permits.

Note: We utilize Amazon EC2


Yes, it’s possible to use Virtualmin GPL, Virtualmin Pro, and Cloudmin together :slight_smile:

If you have any further questions, or require more clarification just post an update.


Hi tpnsolutions,

I know it is possible to use all three together my question is can I purchase a license with 10 domains then set up a second server with GPL to get additional domains


Could you clarify what you mean by “get additional domains”…

If you’re hope is to take advantage of the “Pro” features from a “GPL” installation, then don’t expect that to work.

However, minus the “Pro” features, the “GPL” version will work fine.

*** Cloudmin can manage both GPL and Pro version BTW ***



Yeah, as tpnsolutions mentioned, we may need some more info on what you’re looking to do specifically.

However, you can have as many servers running Virtualmin as you like, and those servers can be a mix of Virtualmin Pro and Virtualmin GPL.

Cloudmin can be used to tie all those together and provide a centralized place to manage them.

If you have a Virtualmin 10 license on one server, and you add 10 domains to that server – you can add additional domains to a Virtualmin GPL installation that resides on another server. That would work with no problem, it would just have the GPL features available to it, not the Pro features.

But if you have additional questions, let us know what you’re trying to do specifically and we’ll do our best to help.


Hello guys,

I have a Virtualmin GPL server that runs about 150 domains. I just purchased 10 Pro licenses because out of these 150 domains, I need the features of Pro for about 6 domains.

I would like to know how I can run the GPL domains under GPL but 6 out of them be assigned for Pro.


It’s unfortunately not possible to mix Virtualmin Pro and GPL on the same server.

Most of the Virtualmin Pro features would apply to all domains on the system, there isn’t a way to apply Pro features to just some domains.

It sounds like you’d either need a separate server for those 6 domains, or a Virtualmin 150 license.


Thanks andreycheck, but that should be available to us users. I have need for pro features on only a few domains, so that’s unfair it seems.


I’m sorry your disappointed!

The features in Virtualmin Pro are designed to make the entire Virtualmin experience better, there unfortunately isn’t a way to apply them to just a selection of domains.

There are pretty good VPS’s out there starting in the $20/month range (we recommend a VPS running Xen, KVM, or VMware). It’s doesn’t have to be expensive to have a server for your domains.

However, if you don’t feel Virtualmin Pro will do what you need, just file a support request and you can get a refund anytime within 45 days of purchasing it.