Combined Zone Files for "Sub-Servers"...

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In setting up a “sub-domain” (“”) using “sub-server”, I’d like to have the zone files combined.

Ex. =>

AND =>

It seems this behavior is configurable ONLY when using the "sub-domain" option (which by all accounts has been noted as being depreciated and unrecommended).

However, I like the separation used when setting up "sub-servers" (new sub-server is added to "~username/domains/" directory) as opposed to the way "sub-domains" work (new sub-domain is added to "~username/public_html/sub-domain")

Any help in this area would be appreciated. (a workaround, or a solution respectively)

*** Just to Clarify: I do realize that sub-servers can be totally different domains. In this case, a new zone file would be appropriate. My question is focusing on those domains which are sub-domains of an existing domain. Thanks ***

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This is configurable for any type of domain. The option “Add sub-domain DNS records to parent domain?” should apply to any sub-domain name. If it doesn’t, it’s bug-like.

The Sub-domain account type is deprecated and never recommended–it’s not even visible if you used the install script to install Virtualmin. It just confuses people.

Ok, well I guess I’ve stumbled upon a bug.

Are there any work arounds to get this working again as I followed the directions to have sub-domains added to the parent domain prior to posting this thread.

If not is there anything I can provide to aid in a fix for this?

Overall I am very pleased with your product and in a few months plan on upgrading to Pro simply to contribute back to this project.

Thanks in advance for any advice going forward.

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If not is there anything I can provide to aid in a fix for this?

File a ticket. You should include a link to this discussion, in addition to the ticket description, so Jamie has the full story.

The workaround, I guess, would be to live with having separate zones for now. (It doesn’t alter whether the names work or not…and as long as you don’t add anything custom to the zones after Virtualmin creates them, I think you can just turn DNS off and back on for the virtual server to re-create them with new settings.) :wink:

I understand that there is no official work around or solution for this yet, and will draft up a ticket tonight.

The reason why this is an issue, is because zone transfer do not work with sub-zones like this since my DNS hosting provider does not allow for these sub-zones to be submitted to them. (I guess I’ll have to see if I can work something out with them in the meantime.)

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Im having the same question; using GPL version, tough, i cant find the mentioned "Add sub-domain DNS records to parent domain?"

Where is that?

Im connecting with root and trying to add a subdomain with the "create server" and then selecting "sub domain" and then creating it …

But still … cant find the way to add the zone to the master zone of the parent.

How to do ? Is there a kid step to step guide? … I really dont even see the damn option! :frowning:

Thanks in advance!

The option is in System Settings -> Server Templates -> Default Template -> BIND DNS Domain, near the bottom of the screen.

I just verified that it’s available in the GPL version.

That option would apply to any new domains you setup.

It sounds like in Jamie’s response in the related ticket that there is currently a bug that prevents this from applying to sub-servers, which will be fixed in the next release. (Though I could be imagining that a ticket was filed and that Jamie responded that way…I’m a bit frazzled lately.)

now i see it …

Is there any way to make the zone recharge for already created sub servers?


Is there any way to make the zone recharge for already created sub servers?

Assuming you haven’t made changes to the zone, it is safe to disable DNS and then re-enable with the new settings, which I believe will recreate the zone file.

But, as I mentioned, I think there is a bug that prevents this from working for sub-servers in the current version–it’ll be fixed in the next release.