reporting proftpd error

Hello all,

I am using vsftpd instead of ProFTP, and have deleted ProFTP from my "Webmin Modules" and also removed it (ignoring dependencies) from my "Software Packages."

Regardless, sends root an email every 5 minutes when the cron job runs with a subject of:

Cron <root@aryjan> /etc/webmin/virtual-server/

Stating that:

Error: module proftpd does not exist

module proftpd does not exist

Any suggestions on how to tell that I don’t want it to look for proftpd, and that not having proftpd is not a problem?

Thanks in advance!

OK, solved my own problem:

"Servers" -> "Virtualmin Virtual Servers (GPL)" -> "Features and Plugins"

Uncheck the "ProFTPd Server" then Save.

Problem solved!