problems on v3.43 GPL

Hi, in version 3.43, and run by cron is failing repeatedly (at least on my system), and is rapidly filling up my mailbox with hundreds of failure messages every day.

Upon closer look when I try to directly run the script is failing with "init_config" subroutine not found on library, or something to that effect. By running the script I mean the one stored in /usr/libexec/webmin/ (Fedora system) not the wrapper used by cron.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Ignacio<br><br>Post edited by: iggiebee, at: 2007/07/14 05:21

Howdy Ignacio,

This is almost certainly due to an older version of Webmin. Virtualmin exercises Webmin and the quite a bit more than most modules–in fact, these days, Virtualmin is driving Webmin core development more than anything. So when a new Virtualmin comes out, it almost certainly needs the very latest release version of Webmin.

So, make sure you’re running 1.350 of Webmin and see if the problem persists. If it does, it’s a bug and filing a bug in the bug tracker is the way to proceed.

Hi Joe, thanks for the prompt reply,

Yes, I am running Webmin’s version 1.350. Could you please point me to bug tracker’s location.

Thanks Again,


Hey Ignacio,

The link is down at the bottom of the page, labeled “Bugs and Issues”. It’s always been (and will always be) at:

I’ve noticed yesterday that IE has problems with session state, so you’ll probably need to use a good browser (like Firefox) if you normally use IE, until I get the session problem fixed. I’m working on it. :wink: