High CPU

Im testing some ajax file manager, on a virtualmin server, and something is very odd, I don´t have the same issues on cPanel servers.

At some specific actions, regardless of which PHP website is loaded sometimes CPU spikes like crazy without a valid reason.

This happens with normal PHP files, but I can almost always replicated it some specific PHP that uploads file on the browser, nothing which should be server intensive.

I always track this to

What exactly is this, and why do PHP process cause it to load so much CPU?

Also noticed the same for

It randomly goes on a CPU killing spree.

Why are this virtualmin process to CPU intensive?


The process is rarely CPU intensive on most systems… you may want to review the Webmin logs in /var/webmin to determine what’s going on when you see that.

The application is a cron job that collects statistics. If it’s running too frequently, you can reduce how often it runs by going into System Settings -> Virtualmin Config -> Status Collection, and there you can change “Interval between status collection job runs” to a higher number that’s more suitable for your system.

For example, 60 minutes is typically more than plenty for most folks.


Hi Eric,

When you edit the interval it ask for recheck & reconfiguration .

After that it shows virtualmin cannot be ready

What error does the Re-Check Config show?


Thanks for your reply… Below is the error message.

Checking Configuration
The status of your system is being checked to ensure that all enabled features are available, that the mail server is properly configured, and that quotas are active … Your system has 31.32 GB of memory, which is at or above the Virtualmin recommended minimum of 256 MB. BIND DNS server is installed, and the system is configured to use it.

Mail server Postfix is installed and configured.

Your Postfix version does not support per-domain outgoing IP addresses.

PHP execution via fcgid requires the Apache mod_fcgid module

… your system is not ready for use by Virtualmin.


The Re-Check Config is saying that the mod_fcgid module isn’t installed in Apache, although some domains appear to be configured to use it.

In order to resolve the Re-Check Config error, you would need to make sure the mod_fcgid module is installed and enabled.


Hi Eric,

Thanks for your answer.

Ok if I install fcid module, then it may work out right?

I want to know two - three things
(Before that here is my server Configuration)
CPU : Intel Xeon 8 Core @3.3GHz
RAM : 32 GB
Hard Disk : 1TB RAID

My server CPU usage is high cause of …
so can I use “Interval between status collection job runs” = Never ??

I have installed around 1000 Virtual server on my Server
Can I remove all cronjob of 1000 virtual server?
cronjob consist of awstats and webmin , since I do not use 1000 virtual server it is only binding IP.

Also my server seems too slow, so I want to know is there any restriction on how many virtual server you can add in Virtualmin GPL 4.04 ?

Looking forward to your answers.

Thanks & Regards

Kishan Giri

Hi Eric,

After many hours of work I bypass the recheck and for that I stop webalizer spam virus plugin from feature and plugin.

Now I put the “Interval between status collection job runs” = Never and saved it…

But still after every 5min restart …

I was using htop and top before … and on htop it shows and

But now it is showing … on htop same but in top it is showing perl

21038 root 20 0 237m 153m 2788 R 100.0 0.5 2:09.13 perl
32089 root 20 0 15900 1876 1060 S 2.0 0.0 0:46.23 htop

Can you tell me now ??

Also my system is too slow for Intel Xeon E series 8 Core @ 3.30 GHZ and 332 GB RAM

Any comment now?

Thanks & Regards

Kishan Giri