CMS uploading issues... Virtualmin guilty?

Hi there,

First of all, I would like to say that I am not an expert in servers’ administration. So this is really possible that I didn’t make the right settings for my server.

I use virtualmin on a dedicated server, for hosting a single site (I mean: 1 domain). the site is powered by Joomla 1.5.

I meet some strange issues for several weeks/months ago on my Joomla: It is very difficult for te to upload/instal some new components. I always have some troubles and error messages when I upload new files throught the CMS. So, sometimes, I use Filezilla with an installation with the server, but My Filezilla kick my files, with an error message meaning that I don’t have the right permissions for that.

So I had a look to the quotas (I should have several thousands of Gb available on the HDD) and I didn’t see anything wrong. But I had a specific issue due to disk space… There are several weeks, I tried to make a complete backup of my site. This was made successfully, but all my disk space was used… The backup size was about 1.5Gb. I had to delete the backup, but I didn’t understand why a 1.5Gb file was able to block me???

So there should have a problem somewhere… I am tired to have these issues. I feel that my server is not running as well as it should.

Thanks for all your help. Excuse me if I forgot some details.

Technical details:
Operating system : Ubuntu Linux 8.04
Webmin version : 1.510
Virtualmin version : 3.83 Pro
Local disk space : 692.63 GB total, 41.40 GB used
apache2 : 2.2.8-13vm.ubuntu0.21

I don’t know the answer but would suggest you save a lot of time using wget to grab the files, and untar / unzip them on the server. Uploading files is really the hard way!

With Drupal it is not problem, there is a command line tool to download, unpack and do no end of other things (called drush). Drupal files never get near my laptop unless they need a lot of editing. I just move them onto the server with drush or wget, and between remote servers with scp, in a few seconds.