Clustering Virtualmin servers

How do I cluster virtalmin gpl servers? Is this something that is only offered in Virtualmin Pro?

When server is full, I want to be able to add accounts to server1, and server2, etc, automatically.

Is this possible with Virtualmin?<br><br>Post edited by: cesurasean, at: 2008/11/15 12:29

Well, I’m not sure that Virtualmin has a built=in way to do exactly that.

There were a few threads in regards to redundant setups, clustering, and the like. For example:

Perhaps some of those offer solutions that would be interesting to you?

I guess the overall point you’ll read in those, though, is that there isn’t one best way to handle redundancy. What you’ll probably be doing is build the clustering/redundancy – then configure Virtualmin to take advantage of it.