Cluster Slave Servers API?

Thank you so much for this wonderful feature, we have it perfectly integrated in our Virtualmin environment.

What I want to know is, would it be possible to use an API, much like the Virtualmin Command Line API, to create Slaves?

Something like this:

webmin --create-slave-zone “” --master= --also-create-on-slaves

The reason why we need it is we’re migrating 100s of domains and we’re struggling to automate this part of the workflow.

Just bumping in the hope that some can tell me if it’s possible to automate DNS slave creation using Webmin? your question is unrelated to the original post, and covered in the documentation: DNS Slave Auto-configuration | Virtualmin

Possible, yes, but nobody has written the CLI command to do it yet. It wouldn’t take a lot of code, but it’s not something I can take on right now.

If you wanted to take a run at it, the current core Webmin commands (to act as examples) are here: webmin/bin at master · webmin/webmin · GitHub

You’d want to put such a command into the bind8/bin directory. I’m not sure if we have any examples of commands that live in module bin dirs, but it’s basically the same as the ones in the webmin/bin.

The other thing you’d need to look at would be webmin/ at master · webmin/webmin · GitHub and the various slave-related cgis.,

It’s possible without the API to cluster DNS servers by way of Webmin Server Index and Cluster Slave Servers…

Once setup any zone added to this server would automatically get added and updated on slave server(s).

Just a thought.

Best Regards,
Peter Knowles | TPN Solutions

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