Cluster Servers Issue

Hi All,

Not sure what is wrong here, but I’m trying to cluster two Virtualmin servers using the Webmin>Webmin Server Index - Thing is i can connect server2 to server1, but for some reason, server1 to server2 seems to time out?

I have tried both IP and FQ Domain, the port is correct, and the username and password is correct, but can I hell get it to connect.

There are no error messages in any of the log files, I’m totally puzzled, anyone had this issue before?



I’ve now pinpointed its down to the CFS Firewall, as I disabled it and it allowed me to connect. Anyone got any ideas what port it connects on, as I have opened port 10000 for outgoing and it still times out when the firewall is enabled.

Finally got the answer, for anyone else having the same issue running CFS, you need to open TCP Out ports 10000:10100