Cluser / Servers setup


I started with this configuration: 1 server box + 1 router. I installed virtualmin on the box ( and forwarded dns, http and ssh ports to my box. I’ve setup on my registrar 1 nameserver to -> my.external.ip and I have setup the dns server on the box. Everything worked nice, I could host websites.

The problem is that now I have a big project, the server is getting a high load, and i want to move it to a different server, dedicated. So I’ve setup a new box with virtualmin and I would like to host on it only that project. What do you recommend?

I’ve tried setting up to the same external IP address and somehow make the second server that’s not visible from the internet directly to be a slave to the first one but my knowledge in Bind/DNS is limited. I’ve linked them using “webmin server index” but that’s all, I’m stuck here, I don’t know if it works.
I presume that I have to use mod_proxy on apache. This thing all feels a mess.

Help? :smiley:


Are you trying to host both servers behind your NAT router?

That would be a little tricky to do, as you can only port forward the ports in question to one server.

You could try hosting everything on one server, and getting a “beefier” system that can handle it all.

Alternatively, you could always pay a provider for a server… many VPS’s run on quite capable hardware, and are relatively inexpensive.


I already have the two boxes and I need to use them. I don’t want to migrate to a better server with the whole thing, just with this project.


Well, the trouble is that the ports on your NAT router can only forward to one server. So port 53 UDP can only forward to one system, as can the web ports 80 and 443.

So you can use multiple servers if you want, but you’re going to end up with a fairly unusual setup.

Doing what you’re trying to do is generally not something we’d recommend :slight_smile:

But it may be possible, depending on what you’re willing to compromise on.

Is it okay if one of the servers uses a non-default port for accessing it via the web?

You could set it up so that one server has the normal port 80 for it’s domains, and the other one uses port 81.

And then, rather than using a clustered DNS setup – you could always go the simpler route of setting up DNS for your one domain on your existing server, but put the website itself on the new server.

But due to the NAT router being there, your services are going to have to be accessible from different ports.


If you can get multiple IP addresses you can use a second router and plug the server into that, then you would have your two systems.

Most residential/commercial connections allow multiple IPs to be used.

Otherwise you would have to use some kind of load balancer setup.