Cloudmin with XEN and LVM Volume Groups on iSCSI device


I’m trying out the free version of Cloudmin on a server that is also a dom0 XEN server that uses Volume Groups on an iSCSI device for storage of the logical volumes for the XEN domUs.

It works, puts the new instances of XEN domUs in the proper volume groups and the .cfg files in the proper directory on the local server.

The future goal is have multiple XEN dom0s on different physical servers that all use the same iSCSI device for domU logical volume storage (this iSCSI device is a zVOL on a zRAID on a SAN). The idea being you only have to move the config files to a different dom0 and it will be able to start up the domU even if it was created on a different dom0 in cases where the physical server that the original dom0 was on dies and you have the backups of the domU config files.

Would cloudmin have any problems with dealing with this kind of setup?

Has anyone use this kind of setup with cloudmin before?


Anyone? Doesn’t necessarily have to be zVOLS or zRAID, could be any iSCSI device being shared to the server over the network.