Cloudmin: Webmin showing as down for server


Since I rebooted a server last night it’s showing as Webmin down under cloudmin, the server is running Debian.

Since the reboot I keep having multiple copies of the following processes running:

/bin/sh -e /lib/udev/net.agent
- sleep 1

/usr/bin/perl /usr/share/webmin/fastrpc.cgi

I’m sure these are related, do you have any suggestions?


is webmin actually down? can you restart webmin over a shell and then log in?

I can log in to Cloudmin and see the virtual machines, If I use the next tab and choose to go to webmin I’m able to look at all the settings with the intent of modifying them.

I’ve just tried running the installer again as well but it doesn’t seem to have had any effect, It seems odd for the main web interface to be working but it shows that webmin isn’t working.

The main problem is when I try to create a new system it throws the following error:
Failed to create system : No suitable running host systems are available

Does anyone have any more suggestions?

I found the problem!

For some odd reason the ‘lo’ interface hadn’t come up, I assume Webmin was trying to talk to Cloudmin via this interface and failing.


I have also had this issue and nothing here seemed to help me, see my post in the other simiar thread on here: