Cloudmin server-manager module version 3.5 released

Howdy all,

Jamie has let me know he’s rolled out Cloudmin version 3.5 today.

Changes since 3.4:

  • Xen disks can now be added and removed without rebooting the
    virtual system.
  • Fixed the manual Xen IP address section of the system creation form
    to properly show bridges based on the selected host system.
  • When a Xen or OpenVZ system is moved between hosts, an option is
    available to re-allocate the primary IP address to match the allocation
    range on the new host system.
  • Added a Module Config option for the default Xen swap disk size.
  • System images can now be stored in multiple locations, and the default
    storage location can be changed from /var/webmin on the Cloudmin master.
    This allows you to have a dedicated image server, or a cache of images
    closer to your host systems.
  • System owners can now change their passwords and email addresses via a new
    link on the left menu.
  • Added enable-domains and disable-domains API commands to activate and de-activate
    Virtualmin virtual servers.

As always, let us know if you run into any problems with the new release by filing a ticket in the issue tracker.

Where is the changelog for CM 3.6 ?