Cloudmin running on Hetzner Dedicated Server?

Hey there, I’m glad to be a new member here.

I purchased the Professional license pretty recently for Cloudmin. I have a dedicated server that supports KVM with Hetzner. This server is running Centos 7.5 minimal. When I execute the Redhat/CentOS install script, I am met with “eth0 not found” error, as is fairly normal I believe. After running with the suggested argument, I am still having major trouble with getting the install script to work. I’ve searched a bit on both the knowledgebase here as well as outside sources and I’m having trouble pinpointing the issue here. Hopefully someone may have run into this before. I did notice a quick notation in the knowledgebase about trouble with Hetzner servers, but it wasn’t very pertinent to my issue, unless I have overlooked something.

The installation script fails immediately.

Any feedback or instruction would be greatly appreciated and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Ah, the hurdles we jump through for the technology we love…

Okay so I got past that screen but it’s having trouble with the license check, returning that it does not appear to be valid.

What specific error are you getting? If it involves license information, you should open a ticket in the issue tracker (you receive support with your license, so you can use the issue tracker to interact with all of us on a priority basis).

Thanks, Joe. I’ve set this particular thread as private and have another thread as public over in the premium support and bug tracker.