Cloudmin Recommended Server Setup

I purchased cloudmin last week and I am now setting up a VM on my xenserver to install it on and test it out thoroughly before placing my clients on it.

I was going through the documentation which really does not outline cloudmin very well. I was looking to see what the recommended Server setup other than having it on CentOS OS such as disk space, RAM, etc. I would hate to reserve say 100GB disk space to something that will not require it.

It looks like an interesting control panel and look forward to playing with it today.

I appreciate any help/feedback on the best setup for this…



Hi Vince,

The CPU/RAM requirements for Cloudmin are minimal… it’s just a Webmin module with very few dependencies.

Also, by itself, it requires very little disk space.

However, if you plan to use it to deploy VPS images, the thing you need to allow for is the VPS disk images you’d need on-hand.

Were you planning to use it just to manage a number of existing Virtualmin/Webmin instances? Or are you looking to use it to provision VPS’s?


Hi Eric,

I am looking to use it to provision VMs (Xenserver). Not too familiar with Virtualmin yet, so I will have to look into that. Right now I have been manually installing CentOS, Debian Lenny, and Windows OSs for my clients. It will be real nice to give them the option to install.

I have it installed on a small VM and have been playing around with it trying to get comfortable with the different functions. Once done I will be reinstalling it on a bigger disk.

I’m not too sure what the DNS function is for, I am assuming it creates hostnames based off of our company domain and adds records for the new VM?

Also I created the SSH key (generated by Cloudmin). I am assuming you need to add the SSH key to the already existing VMs, but does the key get added to newly created VMs automatically?

I will be creating some test VMs tonight to see how it works out. So far I am so happy at what I see and what can now be controlled at the client level!