Cloudmin on Home Network for VM Hosting - External Access

I have done searching and haven’t been able to come up with a definitive answer yet.

Currently, I have a VPS running with Virtualmin and a static IP with a VPS host outside of my home. In my home I would like to set up a Cloudmin server for some additional functionality for myself and my in-home users that would allow VPSes to be externally accessible. The Cloudmin server would not have a static IP.

My thought on making this work is the following:

I would set up a DNS zone on my Virtualmin VPS to point to my home dynamic home IP with my Cloudmin server in the DMZ. The Cloudmin server would be setup with an internal network IP (ex: I would then set up a small VPS on Cloudmin running apache and PHP to run only as my Dynamic DNS updater and update my home IP on my Virtualmin server using PHP and the API.

Now, if I create a new VPS (or KVM Instance) on Cloudmin, is there a way that I can have my Cloudmin server create a new DNS zone on my Virtualmin server so that I don’t have to do anything after I create the new VPS?

Does this set up even seem like it may work? I don’t want to have to set up a port forward for each new KVM instance.

Thanks in advance!

Install a VPN.
I use neorouter.
One machine is server and client.
All other machines are clients.

I connect to all my Ubuntu machines that way. Work, home, desktop,server and like 5 VMs. manage all my updates that way. Webmin server index sees them all.

Bonus, you can then close off outside access to ports 22 and 10000-10011. Although you should have a backup way into the machines in case of VPN disconnect.

In the end what I ended up doing was running ESXI as I had some special circumstances. I installed a CentOS server running nginx as a reverse proxy. It works out pretty well so far.