Cloudmin on existing KVM-host, with existing br0. Will it leave it alone?

Hi all,

Planning on installing Cloudmin on an existing host, with running guests. Will the Cloudmin-installation mess with my interface-config when it sees br0 is already there? Or will it skip interface configuration?



Hrm, that’s a fine question! I’m not entirely certain what will happen in that particular case.

I’d be a little nervous to run the Cloudmin installer on a system running live KVM’s already, as it does attempt to tweak the networking, and it’s designed to be run on new installations, it’s not designed to be put onto existing setups.

It may also tweak the KVM configuration.

However, if you’re familiar with configuring networking, as well as configuring KVM – there isn’t anything unusual being configured, and you should be able to correct any problems that come up if you have some expertise there.

But, I would expect to see some issues, and would plan for some downtime during that process.

You’d probably also want to make a full backup of your system, just in case.


I don’t think it’ll poke at the existing bridges unless/until you tell it to. There might be some trickiness in adding new bridges…but, probably not even that. Cloudmin should behave itself with existing VMs.

I’ve installed onto systems with existing VMs/bridges without incident, and have been able to import the VMs into Cloudmin (tough I seem to recall network was somewhat tricky in that instance, it’s been a long time)…but, my setup may have been different than yours.

Regardless, backups are still awesome. Cloudmin will probably not hurt anything currently on the system, and I believe it doesn’t setup networking during installation, only when firing up new VMs. But, why take chances? Backups will allow us all to rest easier. And, if something goes wrong, you can file a ticket, and we can make Cloudmin behave a little better next time.