cloudmin on CentOS 6

Can anyone confirm if I can install and use Cloudmin on top of Centos 6 64bit bare metal OS and that it will work as in a Centos 5.x box?
I just want to make sure as on this link it says “…The only supported Linux distributions are CentOS 5, Redhat Enterprise 5, Debian 4.0 and Ubuntu 8.04…”

Thanks in advance for any answer.

Cloudmin GPL won’t install on CentOS 6, as it doesn’t have Xen kernel packages (unlike CentOS 5). The exception is if you install the Xen kernel and tooks from some other source…

You can install Cloudmin Pro on a CentOS 6 system and use it to manage other hosts that do have the needed kernel though.

Also, the KVM version of Cloudmin will run just fine on CentOS 6.

Thanks Jamie for the reply…
Are there any additional system images in the Cloudmin Pro version than the one provided by default in the GPL version?

The pro version has some virtualmin pro image that aren’t available in cloudmin GPL.